Skyrim se nexus

skyrim se nexus

So I recently installed skyrim se and was wondering if there is a way to use nmm with skyrim se? I would really like sky ui again on the new client but im not sure whats avaliable or if there really is anything. could I get some help or some sort of guide? Visar av 4 kommentarer. BlazePhoenix. Installed it on a new game and am lvl 10 now and so far so good, whether problems will crop up later on I will just have to wait and see. I also have a few old workshop mods that I have been using for years that I manually ported over to SSE and have had no problem with them either Although those mods. Do I need to change the games files to get nexus mods to work? I remember doing that wth Fallout 4. Or should the nexus mods just work? Do I need to change something in the games files and if so what is it? I've only tried one mod and it didn't seem to work. Thanks. Senast ändrad av Blue Angel; 4 nov. skyrim se nexus

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